Cameron D. Blackwell Books

Here is my catalog of books that I’ve written! They are available for sale on Amazon!


DEMON VEIL HIGH SCHOOL SAGA #1: Jamesh Kamar is the new kid in at Desert Vail High School. Armed with a sixth sense, before the first bell rang, he discovers a portal to another realm located in the Little Theatre. Along with two friends, Caridad and Danilo Montes de Oca, Jamesh experiences his first paranormal encounter.

ZOMBIE HOSPITAL OF THE DAMNED, PART III: Pediatric doctor Jared McKinley loves his job and his patients. What he thought would be a normal day at St. Ignatius Hospital was quickly turned upside down when patients start dying under mysterious circumstances. That would have been fine if they had stayed dead, but they didn’t. Trapped in a hospital full of flesh eating zombies, Dr. McKinley must find a way to save his patients and coworkers from those he vowed to do no harm. (THERE ARE NO PARTS I AND II)

SINISTER TENTACLE SORORITY: Socially awkward Bradley hoped to make lifelong friends at Gamma Rho Lambda. However, when she angers the Head Bitch In Charge, Bradley is marked for permanent dismissal. It is then that she learns the horrifying secret dwelling beneath Frat Row. It’s slimy, it’s hungry, and its got tentacles! (NOT TENTACLE PORN!!!)

CHERRY VANILLA: Solomon Reed woke up from a nap confronted with a strong craving for sugar free ice cream. The only thing standing between him and sweetness is the sudden zombie apocalypse. If things weren’t bad enough, his girlfriend hadn’t returned from the grocery store. Driven by hunger and love, Solo must venture out, but which will he choose: his girlfriend or the ice cream?

THE SHINY THING CHRONICLES, VOLUME 1: All was peaceful in the land of Sharock until she showed up. The Dark Queen Ravena has been released from her tomb and is bent on plunging the world into Eternal Darkness for a second time. Only the Hero of Light can stop her. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to. Brighton Van Buren, a simple chicken farmer is tasked to defend Sharock against the forces of Darkness. With the help of a fire priestess, a lost dude from Earth, and five of his beloved chickens, Bright must overcome his fears and become the hero he was meant to be.

MONSTER NIGHT AT THE CARNIVAL FROM MARS: Dana hates carnivals, but when his boyfriend surprises him with tickets for their anniversary, he feels obliged to go. He accompanies his group of friends to The Carnival From Mars and manages to have a good time. When they have the idea to stay after hours in the freak house full of fake monsters to fool around, the night takes a drastic turn the worst when they find out the creatures aren’t fake. In their desperate attempt to escape, they find they are trapped inside the carnival with a deranged barker and his precious pets, with no hope of surviving the night.

You can purchase them from Amazon! And if you do buy them and read them, please leave me a review! I greatly appreciate it! Thank you!