Perils of S.P.A.C.E. Episode 31

Previously on Perils of S.P.A.C.E.: Sundance tried to play the hero and rescue his friends, but the robots quickly foiled his plan. Now he stands in line to be slaughtered with everyone else.

Episode 31: Return to Mechatropolis, Part VIII: Timmy the Robot Slayer

Two of the menacing robots reached down and pulled Sundance to his feet. They stripped him of the jetpack and threw it away. Sundance was too sore to fight back. He looked up, defeated, and saw that the robots had found the others. They rounded them up and made them line up in a single file. His robot captors pushed him into the line, conveniently next to Astralyn and Kjartan.

“That was a brilliant plan,” Astralyn said, rolling her eyes.

“It worked for a little bit, didn’t it?” Sundance shook his head and sighed. “It should have worked. There were more robots that I realized.”

“I was rooting for you,” Kjartan said. He patted Sundance on the back.

“At least some people are appreciative,” Sundance said.

The line marched tragically forward. Sundance dared to step out of the line to see where the

line was headed. The people at the front of the line were climbing a flight of stairs connected to one of the large silver silos.

“Looks like we’re going back upstairs,” Astralyn said.

“What do you think they’re going to do to us?” Kjartan asked.

“They’re probably going to make us fall into that silo, which will have a device that will either mash us or grind into a gooey paste,” Sundance answered candidly. Kjartan whimpered.

“Do you have any more bright ideas?” Astralyn asked.



Timmy flew up into the docking bay with the Electromagnetic Blaster primed and ready. When he saw that there wasn’t anyone there, he landed. He quietly took off his jetpack and tiptoed down the corridors. He carefully peered around corners to see if any robots were nearby. They were eerily empty, just the way he wanted it.

Timmy heard the loud whirring noises of the processing plant and knew where he needed to go. As he neared the plant, he began to see more robots headed in the area. He likened it to people hanging out in the kitchen when food is ready to be served.

The plant was right around the corner. Four robots were guarding the door. Timmy sighed and said, “This is it.” He jumped out into the corridor and blasted two of the robots dead. They fell to the floor and exploded. Before the other two robots could figure out what had happened, Timmy blasted them. They exploded seconds later. Steaming robot chunks were everywhere.

“Cool beans,” Timmy said.

He stepped over the remains and entered the plant. The three robots at the end of the bridge were startled, but he quickly shot them. More explosions.

By this time, the robots on the floor noticed that their brethren had just been killed. They all turned their attention away from the line and focused on Timmy, firing their lasers. Timmy ducked and dodged each laser while blasting the robots on his way down the stairs.

Sundance saw this and shouted, “NOW!” He immediately rushed the robots monitoring the line. The people followed suit and toppled over their oppressors. Some of the robots even tried to run away, but the people tackled them to the floor.

When Timmy reached the end of the stairs, he tucked and rolled off of them and shot two

robots that were coming his way. They collided into each other and exploded. He ran over and helped the people take down more robots.

“Timmy, you did it!” Sundance said. “I knew you could do it!”

“Thanks, Captain,” Timmy said. “You should really thank Doctors Rothery and MacFadden. They came up with…”

“Timmy, behind you!” Astralyn shouted.

Without even looking, Timmy fired a shot over his shoulder. The robot that was sneaking up on him exploded instantly. He looked heroic as his silhouette stood out against the fiery backdrop of the explosion.

Timmy looked around and found that most of the robots had been destroyed. “I love this thing!” 

“What we need to do now is to stop the processing plant,” Sundance said. “And I know just how to do it. Timmy, we need to find the bridge.”

“I got it!” Timmy said. “Stop the ship, stop the plant.”

“And don’t forget about the robots on the ground,” Astralyn reminded.

“You and your intern help the people jet pack it out of here,” Sundance commanded. “Timmy and I will stop the ship.”

“Aye aye, captain.” Astralyn mock saluted him before she and Kjartan left to follow his orders.

Timmy and Sundance ran up the stairs and across the bridge to arrive at the entrance to the plant. Timmy led them down several corridors, blasting robots as they came.

It took them a while, but they finally made it to the bridge. Timmy wiped out all of the robots that were there. When the smoke cleared, Timmy and Sundance tiptoed through the remains to reach the weapons console.

“Can you patch that weapon into the ship’s weapons system?” Sundance asked.

“Can I? How is that even a question?” Timmy immediately went to work. He crawled underneath the panel, pulled out some wires and attached them to the blaster. He typed in a few commands and the blaster was ready. “When I press the button, the blaster will send the command to…”

“Great!” Sundance pressed the button and the ship emitted a huge amount of energy. Like a tsunami wave, the electromagnetic pulse swept across the land below and ravaged the robots. On the ground, robots everywhere shorted out and then exploded into a million fiery pieces. The people cheered and celebrated.

“Uh oh,” Timmy said.

“Uh oh? What uh oh?”

In response, all of the systems on the ship powered down at the same time. Timmy looked at Sundance and smiled weakly. “I forgot that the ship would be affected as well.”

“That’s not good.” Sundance scrambled to the navigation control panel to see if he could turn it back on somehow, but it was dead. The pulse had knocked it out of commission. There was nothing left to do but let the ship crash to the ground.

To be continued…

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