Heroes of Lunde, Episode 9


The Lindstrom sisters gathered around the small, black cauldron as the potion boiled. They inhaled the strong, cinnamon scent and exhaled calmly. They loved the smell and taste of cinnamon. When Mistress L mentioned the cinnamon raisin muffins, they were really excited about them. The mistress knew how to bake some great stuff. 

Harri stirred the potion with a tiny wooden spoon. She eyeballed it to make sure it was the right consistency. It was just about done. It just needed to simmer for a few more minutes before it was at its maximum potency.  

Ronnie licked her lips as she watched Harri work. She was amazed by her crafting ability. While their mother taught them all how to brew potions, Harri was the most adept at it. She was always the strongest of the sisters, which Ronnie was a little jealous about, but she took solace in the fact that she was the prettiest. 

Harri leaned over the potion and took a big whiff. She leaned back as she exhaled and grinned. “It’s ready! Give me your cups!” Ronnie and Hermi grabbed red plastic cups and held them up. Harri put on oven mitts and gently poured each of them a portion. She saved the most for herself. She set the cauldron down and removed the mitts. She held up her cup and said, “To the end of the Heroes! Cheers, sisters!” They tapped their cups together and drank heartily. 

The potion warmed their bellies as it gradually strengthened and intensified their magical powers. They all murmured and smiled as they felt the power boost surge through their veins. They felt invincible. 

“How long does the potion last, Harri?” Ronnie asked. 

“One hour,” Harri replied. “So, we must work quickly.” 

“We’ll probably spend most of that time hunting down those two twerps,” Hermi said, still bitter about her encounter at Witch Mart. 

Harri sniffed the air. She wandered around the house sniffing before she opened the front door. She took a big whiff and sighed as she exhaled. She turned to her confused sisters and said, “They’re already coming. It’s the final showdown, girls. We have an hour to beat them down and kill them. Hopefully, the others will have already expired by that point. They don’t have very much longer.” She glanced at Quil and Reese on the floor; they seemed to be asleep. This pleased Harri. 

“It’s showtime!” Harri picked up the sides of her dress and swished dramatically as she turned and stepped out the front door. Ronnie and Hermi giggled as they picked up the sides of their dresses and swished out after their sister. The front door remained open for a minute before Hermi came back and slammed it shut. 


Jaco and Everett produced their potion and drank it once it cooled. This wasn’t the same potion as the Lindstrom sisters’. This potion’s purpose was to enhance the curse repelling properties of their charms. Once they were done drinking it, they noticed that they didn’t feel any differently and were unsure if it worked. They didn’t have time to test it out; they had to rescue their friends and those children. 

They set out and marched toward the mountain range just outside of Euclidia. They anticipated that their approach would be noticed by the witches and a confrontation would take place before they could reach either target, so they hustled quickly to get as far as they could. 

They had just about reached the base of the mountain when the sisters arrived. Everett looked to Jaco and nodded. This was their cue to initiate their plan.  

Everett broke away from Jaco and ran to the left, hoping to find a way up the mountain without too much trouble. He was going to go find the children. Jaco stayed behind to deal with the sisters.  

Harri watched the little man run up the mountain and knew instantly what his plan was. She turned to Hermi and said, “You go protect the children.” Hermi licked her lips. “Do not eat them!” Hermi groaned in protest. “Kill him dead!” she called out as her sister left. 

Jaco whistled at Harri to get her attention. When the witch gave it to him, he winked at her. “Miss me?” 

Harri smirked. “Oh, yes. My life was merely a prelude to this moment.” 

Jaco raised an eyebrow. “You need to lay off the romance novels.” 

“But they’re the only books I can stand to read!” Harri was tired of the small talk. Time was running out. “Enough! We have business to attend to. Are gonna come get me or not?” 

Jaco nodded. He initiated the transformation sequence and within a minute, he was a full werewolf, complete with lolling tongue. His human thoughts were relegated to the back of his mind and his more canine thoughts moved forward. Without Quil to command him, he was running on pure instinct. 

“That’s a good boy!” Harri said. “Ronnie, why don’t you play with him?” 

“My pleasure,” her sister replied. 

She used super fast speed to zip over to Jaco. He barely even saw her leave Harri’s side. He didn’t have time to really think about that because he received a swift uppercut to the jaw. He rolled back, but Ronnie was there to high kick him in the top of his head. She went back and forth several times before finally letting him hit the ground.  

“I didn’t mean actually touch him,” Harri said, shaking her head. “We have magic; there’s no need to touch him.” 

“Where’s the fun in that?” Ronnie laughed as she watched Jaco struggle to get up. Ronnie stepped on his throat and put all of her weight on it. The werewolf gurgled as he tried to breathe.  

Ronnie was enjoying herself. Unfortunately, as she was watching Jaco gurgle and gasp, she was not watching his claws, which swept up and ripped the skin on her offending leg to ribbons. She screamed bloody murder and she stumbled away, her leg bleeding profusely. “You fucking shit!” She used her powers to heal her wounds. The damage was already done to her pretty pink stockings. They were shredded and bloodied. “These were a gift from Mother!” 

Jaco didn’t care. He just wanted to do more clawing and biting. He stood up and growled as he stomped toward her. He could smell her blood from inside her body. He wanted a taste. It smelled sweet. 

Ronnie didn’t like the way he was looking at her. She didn’t plan on being his next meal. She produced a bright red light whip and snapped it at him. It cracked in the air before it gave him a lash across the snout. “You need to be trained.” 

Jaco attempted to catch the whip, but it was too fast. Ronnie continued to whip him about the face, only infuriating him more. He decided that the whip was not the problem, it was the one holding it. He refocused his attention on her.  

His shifted attention on her and not the whip disturbed Ronnie. She continued to whip him, but he wasn’t fazed by it at all. He continued to march forward. She decided the whip wasn’t doing any good and deactivated it. She needed something to keep him contained until she could think of some way to kill him. She uttered some words and in an instant, a cage made of lightning bolts appeared around Jaco. “Go to your kennel!” 

Jaco reached out to touch the bars and found he got quite a nasty jolt. He roared in anger for he did not like being contained. He had to hunch down to keep his head from hitting the top of the cage. He didn’t know what else to do that didn’t involve hurting himself.  

Ronnie approached the cage and smiled. “Sit,” she commanded. She was very pleased when he obeyed. “You’re a good boy, aren’t you? I just wish I had a biscuit.” 

Jaco’s ears perked up at the word ‘biscuit’. He yelped as his ear touched the top of the cage. He lowered them and whimpered.

“Ronnie, move out of the way,” Harri shouted. Ronnie did as she was told. She summoned a bow and aimed the energy arrow directly at Jaco. She pulled back and let the arrow fly true. It pierced Jaco right in the side, almost reaching his heart. He howled in pain. The energy arrow dissipated, but the wound was deep. She tsked as she realized that she had missed the mark. She thought about taking another shot, but estimated that her initial shot should seal his doom. He was going to bleed to death. A slow and agonizing death was good enough for her.

Jaco’s pain was excruciating. He wanted to fall over, but knew that he would fry to death. It hurt to breathe and his wound began to tingle. Was this how he was going to die? He still hadn’t saved Quil or the others. He couldn’t die until he had done at least that. He had to be strong and fearless. He breathed in as much as he could and proceeded to stand. His head connected with the top of the cage and he received some good voltage. He strained past the pain and stood to his full height. He grabbed the bars and cried out as the electric flowed through him and burned his hands. With a mighty push, he pulled the bars apart and the electricity disappeared. He was free! 

“How the fuck did that happen?” Ronnie shouted. That was the last thing she ever said. She had been standing right next to the cage when Jaco broke free. She was the first thing he saw. He licked his lips as he dove down and bit her head clean off. Blood streaked down her pretty dress and from Jaco’s mouth. He crunched happily and allowed Ronnie’s body drop to the ground. He turned to Harri and growled, signaling to her that she was next. 

While Harri was heartbroken that her favorite sister had just been killed right in front of her, she held herself together. She still had a job to do. As tears formed in her eyes, she created another energy arrow for her bow. She took aim and fired. The arrow struck Jaco in the same place the first hit, only a little deeper this time, scratching the surface of his heart. Jaco wailed and collapsed to the ground, blood flowed from his side. 

“That was for Ronnie, you bastard.” Harri wished there was a more harsh word for men than ‘bastard’, but she supposed it would have to do. She was more confident that this would spell Jaco’s doom. She dissipated her bow and arrow and stared at the werewolf as he gasped for breath. He had five minutes max. She didn’t need to be present for this. She looked up the mountain to see if she could see Hermi. She was probably going to need her help. She turned her back on him and proceeded up the mountain. 


In the living room of the Lindstrom sisters, Reese, who was on the verge of dying, opened her eyes and breathed deeply. The garland that she wore disintegrated into dust. She felt life slowly seep back into her body. Her light skin flushed with redness as her wrinkles straightened out. She sighed in relief as felt her strength returning. She struggled against her restraints. It was only a matter of time before she could wriggle free, but she decided to wait until all of her strength had returned. 


Everett climbed the mountain to the best of his ability. He was such a tiny man that it was daunting for him to make much distance in good time. He knew that the witches were on to his plan, and that it wouldn’t be long before they went after him. He wondered if he should have been the one to stay on the ground. He doubted he could have fared much better. While he was proficient with the bow and crossbow, he didn’t really have anything that would be a match for them. He was confident that Jaco was much better suited to deal with the witches. He had super strength, teeth, and claws. What did he have? Pointy sticks. He nodded his head and told himself that he did good. 

The rocks on the mountain were almost as big as he was. He grabbed them for grips and foot holds. The mountain was bigger than it looked. He had been climbing for a while before he found a path that led up somewhere. He rolled his eyes in frustration. Why did he always have to do things the hard way? Why didn’t he check to see if there was a path?  

He got on the path and made his way up the steep hill. He didn’t make it far before he heard footsteps behind him. He was being followed. He had hoped that he would have made it farther, but he had wasted a lot of time climbing when he didn’t need to. 

He stopped in his tracks and turned around. He armed his crossbow and waited for the witch to appear. He waited for a minute before he realized that she wasn’t coming. He entertained the idea he had imagined hearing the sound of crunching gravel behind him. He lowered his crossbow and sighed. He was being paranoid again. He reached into his satchel and took out his flask. He opened it and went to take a swig when he heard someone breathing behind him. Before he could turn all the way around, he received a swift kick in the face. He tumbled backward down the path. 

When he stopped rolling, he sat up and saw Hermi standing above him. He checked his flask and found that everything had poured out of it on the way down. “Nooo,” he moaned. He stuck the flask back in his satchel and stood up. He readied his crossbow and was ready to take aim, but realized that she was gone. “What the…” 

He looked around, even up in the night sky, for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Had he imagined it? No, he couldn’t imagine a kick. He collected himself and started up the path again, ready for anything. This witch was tricky.  

He was back to where he was before when he heard a whisper. Something hit him in the back and propelled him forward. When the momentum stopped, he fell forward. He rolled over onto his back to look for her, but she was gone again. He supposed his potion hadn’t helped against spells at all. He really needed that spark root.  

He scrambled to his feet and decided to make a run for it. If he could get to the top of the mountain and withstand the attacks, he would gain more ground and find the children. His feet worked double duty to get half as far as someone with longer legs. That didn’t bother him. During his tenure with the Heroes, he spent most of that time running for his life. He was well trained and had the stamina needed to pull this off.  

“Run, little man!” Hermi called from behind him.  

Everett didn’t look back; he kept his eyes on the path ahead and it winded into a switchback. As he turned the corner, he saw Hermi climbing up the mountain to meet him on the path. He likened her to a spider. He aimed his crossbow and fired a shot at her as he ran past. She stopped climbing just in time to avoid being pierced by it. 

“Nice try!” Hermi shouted. 

“Whatever!” Everett replied. He kept running.  

Hermi jumped up and flew through the air to land right in front of him. Everett was running at full speed and didn’t want to stop. He knew this would hurt and would probably end up with some scars on his bare chest, but he dipped down and slid underneath Hermi’s dress and came out the other side. He stood up and brushed the rocks and dirt off. The silver necklaces he wore had protected much of his chest, much to his delight. He looked back to see the look of disgust on Hermi’s face, and then kept running. 

“You little brat!” Hermi turned around and chased after him. 

Everett knew that she would be on him in a short amount of time. He had to think fast. He took out one of his magic arrows and loaded it into his crossbow. While he ran, he eyed a section of the mountain above them and shot. The arrow flew up and hit a large, round rock that was conveniently precariously perched over the edge. Hermi stopped and watched the arrow connect. When nothing happened, she grinned.  

“You suck!” she called out. 

A second later, there was an explosion. Hermi gasped as she was startled. She looked back up and saw that the rock was on a downward arc toward her. She screamed and the rock along with a few others tumbled down upon her. She tried to shield herself as much as possible, but she was eventually pinned down. 

“Eat rock, bitch,” Everett said, taking a brief moment to watch his plan in action. 

He continued his way up the path as it zagged to the left further up. He could see a cave at a distance. He knew the children were there. He quickened his pace. He stopped momentarily when he heard the howls of pain from Jaco down below. He wanted to help the poor werewolf, but he had his own job to do. Time was running out for them. He took a deep breath and told himself that it wasn’t going to be his fault if anything happened to Jaco. Jaco had his role to play in the plan, and he had his. Rescuing those children was the number one priority. 

He resumed running until he reached the cave. It was dark save for the little bit of moonlight that illuminated the entrance. He gazed into the dark void and tried to determine how far back it went back. He stepped inside and tried to listen for signs of life. 

“Hello?” he whispered so as to not frighten the children. “Is there anyone here?” He heard silence. He thought that the poor things must be so scared that they couldn’t respond. “It’s just me, Everett. I’m a Hero of Lunde. I’m here to help you.” That seemed to make things better because he heard the breaths and calls for help from the children. “I’m almost there. Hold on.” 

He felt his way to the back of the cave where he finally ran into a chain link fence. He fumbled around the fence until he found a lock. He reached into his quiver and pulled out an arrow. He took a step back and loaded the arrow into his crossbow. “Stay back, children.” 

Everett estimated the position where he felt the lock and took aim. He took the shot the in the dark. There was a quick flash of red light and the sound of a small explosion. The smell of smoke and metal burning filled the cave. Everett grinned and patted himself on the back when he heard the sound of the lock fall to the floor. “Oh yeah.” 

Everett grabbed the lock and opened the gate. The air was thick with the echo of crying children, their shuffling feet, and dust from the upheaval. He couldn’t exactly count how many children were in there, but he assumed that all six were present and accounted for. “Come on! This way to freedom!” 

He led them toward the cave entrance. It looked like they were home free, but then the entrance darkened. Someone was standing in front of them, blocking the way. The children whimpered and hid behind Everett. 

“Going somewhere with my lunch?” It was Hermi. Everett moaned with disappointment that she hadn’t died in the rock slide. “We stole those kids and stored them away to keep them fresh. Harri kept telling me that I couldn’t eat them, but goddammit, I’m not leaving until one of those little, fat fuckers are in my belly!” 

“Take one step and you’ll die a big, fat fucker,” Everett threatened. 

Hermi gasped. “Are you calling me fat?” 

“If the dress don’t fit, you must acquit.” The children behind him went, “Oooooh!” 

“You think you’re hot shit, don’t you? I’ll show you! I want my baby back ribs!” She took a single step and prepared to cast a spell. 

Everett could tell by the tingling of his skin that major juice was being poured into this spell. It was possible it would kill them all. No matter how good he was, no puny arrow was going to stop it. He needed an analog idea to stop this. A light went on in his head at that moment. “Stand back, children.” The kids scooted back a bit and gave Everett enough room to take a few steps back before running at her dead on. If he did this wrong, he would end up dead. too.  

He ran at her as fast as he could in such a small space. He leapt up and his head hit Hermi square in the stomach. They both flew out of the cave entrance. Everett and Hermi sailed in the air for what seemed like forever. While Everett landed on the edge of the cliff face, Hermi continued her downward arc toward the bottom of the mountain. He looked down and watched as the witch dropped like a rock. A small puff of dirt rose as she hit the ground. It didn’t look like she was going to come back from that one. He gave a sad whistle in Hermi’s honor.  

The children peeked out of the cave to see if it was safe to leave. Everett stood up and smiled at them. “It’s over now. Come on, let’s get you home.” The children were glad to hear it.  

Everett collected the six children and led them down the path.  They were halfway down when they saw someone standing in their way. The moonlight showed them a dark figure wearing a particularly floofy dress. The children cried out in fear as Everett stepped forward to protect them. 

“Good god, you just keep coming,” he said. “You look well.” 

“I killed you wolf friend,” Harri said. 

“I killed your fat sister, twice.” He smirked. “So, I guess we’re even.” 

“All of your friends are dead by now. You’re the last loose end.” Harri took a menacing step forward. She was summoning her powers to start a spell. The rocks levitated from the ground and floated in mid air. Harri’s hair rose up with it.  

Everett and the children walked backward to get away from whatever was coming their way. The dwarf wondered how far down it was to the bottom of the mountain just in case they needed to dodge the attack. He determined that they were still too far up to be able to survive the fall. His only choice was to arm his bow for the attack and pray that it worked. 

Harri’s heart hurt to hear of the loss of her youngest sister. Hermi was her favorite sister. She was the last one and she planned on ending this mission right here, right now, even if it meant she lost her life. She rose into the air as she gathered up the last of her powers. Her veins bulged as the magic blood pumped through them. Her face turned as red as her hair and dress. It looked like she was going to explode at any moment. 

Everett’s entire body shook as he readied his arrow. Harri was getting bigger and scarier with each passing second. Was she going to explode? He didn’t really want to wash witch off his clothes tonight. He closed his eyes and took aim. 

Harri was at her limit. She had to expel the energy or she really would explode. She opened her mouth and nothing but green flames erupted from it. The flames flew out with rapid speed toward Everett and the children. When he felt the heat, Everett knew that he was done for. He was going to burn up in hell fire. 

At the last second, an immense gust of wind swooped in between Harri and Everett. The wind collected all of the fire and formed it into a ball around Harri. By the time she had stopped throwing the fire, she was already engulfed in it. She screamed as the flames caught her dress and hair on fire. ‘How could this happen?’ was her last thought as the flames licked at her eyes. When she was wholly consumed, the flames died out. Ash slowly drifted down into a pile in front of the dwarf and the children. 

“Where the hell did that come from?” Everett asked out loud. 

“Look!” one of the children said. 

Everett looked up and saw that Reese was flying above them and waving. She did a loop and then finally landed in front of them. Everett’s eyes teared up as he gazed upon her. She was young and well again! He swelled with love as he ran to her. She held him in her arms and hugged him tightly. 

“I’m so glad that you’re okay!” Everett couldn’t stop the tears from falling. He had never been more thankful in his life. “I surely thought you were dead! I thought I would never see you again!” 

“Well, here I am, little one,” Reese said in a whisper. “But we must hurry. Jaco is not doing so well. His life hangs on by a thread.” 

Jaco’s eyes lit up. “He’s not dead either?” 

Reese shook her head. “Not yet, but he could be any minute. We must hurry.”  

Everett stepped away from Reese and gathered the children. He and Reese led them to the base of the mountain. Upon their arrival, they were able to see that Andrada and Quil had been cured of their curses. They were gathered by Jaco’s now human body. He wanted to check in with them, but Reese insisted that they needed to get the children back to their families. She didn’t want to get in Jaco’s way. Everett reluctantly agreed. 


Quil knelt down by Jaco and lifted him onto his lap. Jaco was not looking good at all. His skin was whiter than snow. Quil’s eyes were full of tears. It hurt him to see Jaco like this. He was glad that Jaco was unconscious; he couldn’t bear seeing the pain in his eyes. He knew that he needed to be healed and that he could do it, but his head was still spinning from the confusion spell. He was resolute in using as much of his powers as possible to save Jaco. 

“You’re going to be okay doing this?” Andrada asked, flexing her hands, regaining mobility in her limbs. “You’re not one hundred percent yet.” 

“Neither is Jaco.” He looked up at her forlornly. “He’s not going to make it back to Lunde in this condition.” They looked at the size of the wound on Jaco’s left side. It was almost two hands long. “I have to try, Andy.” 

“Well, do what you can safely. I’m going to call the hospital.” Andrada took out her talkie and dialed the emergency number. 

While Andrada was talking to the emergency team, Quil tried to clear his mind of distractions, his fear of losing Jaco, his overwhelming love for him, and the bitter chill of the night. He sent those thoughts to the back of his mind and focused on his breathing. He felt his powers coming to the fore. He recited the best healing spell he knew at his current level as he placed his hands on Jaco’s chest. The warmth of his hands spread throughout Jaco’s torso. He could feel Jaco’s pulse fading, but as the magic worked within him, the pulse steadily got stronger.  

Quil felt lightheaded as he performed his magic. He was using too much, and he knew it. He wanted Jaco to be as close to better as possible, no matter the cost. Jaco was mostly healed up as the wound started to shrink. Quil moaned as his eyes rolled up into his head and he fell over Jaco’s body.  

Andrada hung up with the emergency team just in time to see Quil faint. “Oh for fucks sake.” She rushed to Quil and slapped his face to wake him up. She also had some perverse satisfaction from doing it. Quil’s eyes opened slowly rolled back to the front. “You big dummy, you could have died!” 

“But I didn’t,” Quil said, grinning. 

“I turn my back on you for a second…” Andrada smiled back and brushed one of Quil’s locs away from his eyes. “You’re too cavalier about your health. I’m going to have a talk with your mother about this.” 

“I’m so tired,” Quil whispered. 

“The emergency team is on their way. I’ll have Everett and Reese meet us at the hospital.” She held Quil in her arms and rocked softly. “You just go ahead and get some sleep. You’ve earned it.”  

Quil allowed his eyes to close and he peacefully drifted off to sleep. 


Jaco came to with the sound of people talking loudly off in the distance. He opened his eyes and saw that he was in a hospital room. There were healers walking back and forth hurriedly in the hallway outside his room. He was lying in a soft and comfortable bed with linens that smelled like antiseptic and lemon. It wasn’t his favorite smell, but it was better than other things he could mention. 

He looked around the stark white room to find he was sharing the room with someone else. On the bed next to his was Quil, soundly asleep. He went to turn to address him, but a sharp pain on his left side stopped him. He let out a groan as he repositioned himself back to his original position. This caused Quil to wake up. 

“Careful, honey! You don’t want to reinjure yourself.” Quil sat up and put his legs over the edge of the bed. “I did what I could do to heal you, but I ran out of power before I could finish the job.” 

Jaco scoffed and said, “That’s so like you to quit just before the thing is done.” He raised and lowered his pinky at him. He saw the insulted look on Quil’s face and laughed. 

“Fuck you!” Quil replied. 

“You can’t even finish that!” Jaco laughed more as Quil beat him about the face with his pillow. 

When the pain was too much, Jaco called a truce. He saw Quil looking at him adoringly, which made him blush. It was then that he realized that Quil was wearing civilian clothes and not his costume. “How long have I been out?” 

“Three days. We’re back in Lunde now.” Quil touched Jaco’s hand. “We had spent a day in Euclidia before we caught the train here.” Then Quil snorted. Jaco did too. “Do you ever hear the name Euclidia and just think they’re saying Eww, clit-dia?” 

“Yes! I thought it was just me!” Jaco was relieved to know that he wasn’t the only one who thought that it was stupid name. 

Quil got a mischievous look on his face. “I have a surprise for you.” He went to his bed and pulled out a pamphlet. “Guess who ended up on the cover of ‘People of Witch Mart’ this week!” He showed Jaco the cover. It was a picture of him wandering around the store shirtless with all of the necklaces and bracelets. “You’re famous!” 

Jaco blushed and groaned. “Goddammit. You should have just let me die.” 

Quil teased him about this relentlessly. Jaco plugged his ears and pretended not to hear him. It was like this for the rest of the afternoon. 


Quil was going to sleep in his room for the first night in three days. Jaco still had some healing up to do, so they couldn’t get together like they wanted. He stared at Jaco’s empty bed space and sighed. He supposed that he would just have to deal with sleeping alone. He had a busy day planned for tomorrow. It would be morning before he knew it, and Chrys would come pounding on the door, demanding that he wake up. 

He closed his eyes and attempted to get thoughts of Chrys nagging at him out of his head. And then it hit him that he hadn’t seen Chrys all week. The last time he saw him was just before the demon possession. Where had he been? He searched his thoughts and memories of that time. When he couldn’t remember, he thought the worst. Had Chrys been killed and no one thought to tell him about it? No, he would have felt his life force go out. He was still alive somewhere… somewhere? 

Quil got the idea to search this dimension for an echo of Chrys’s life force. When he didn’t sense it in this dimension, he searched others. It was then that he picked up on him. He felt relieved that his brother was still alive. It appeared that he had been banished. He didn’t remember doing that.  

He spoke the spell and in an instant, Chrys appeared in front of his bed. He was yelling and holding a long, pointy stick. He lunged forward and collapsed on the bed, the spear just missing Quil’s head.  

When Chrys realized that he was in Quil’s room, he shot up and tossed the stick away from him as if it was a venomous snake. He was sweaty and dirty; his uniform had been torn to almost nothing. He was wearing some kind of shell as a hat. His eyes were wildly darting around the room as if to check for enemies. He finally calmed down when he saw Quil sitting up in his bed with a look of bewilderment. 

While Chrys was happy to see his brother, he was severely pissed off. “FINALLY!” His nostrils flared as he spoke. “How long?” 

“How long what?” Quil asked sheepishly, pretending not to know what he was talking about. 

“How long was I gone?” Chrys’ chest heaved as he breathed. 

“Four days?” He winced and raised his shoulders in anticipation of an attack. 

“Four days. Four days. FOUR DAYS!” Chrys shouted. “It took you four days to realize I was gone?” 

Quil shrugged his shoulders. “We missed you,” Quil squeaked. 

Chrys glared hard at Quil who was only holding back a smile, he could see it. That only boiled his blood more. He wanted to tell him that he had been on that planet for two of its months. He had been hunted, beaten, nearly eaten by a multitude of things, but he was too angry to get into it all. He was just satisfied to pretend he could melt Quil’s flesh with a single stare. When he had his fill, he picked up his spear and walked to the bedroom door. 

“Goodnight,” he said with the most amount of venom ever. He opened the door and exited the room, accenting his departure with a loud slam. 

Quil sat in his bed and blinked, his heart pounding. After a minute, he said, “You’re welcome.” He slid back down underneath his covers and closed his eyes, wondering what else was going to happen. 

The End 

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