Perils of S.P.A.C.E. Episode 20

Episode 20: Cult of the Obsidian Mask, Part V: The Chosen One

The people in the crowd continued to chant “Obsidia! Obsidia! Obsidia!”. The woman standing next to Astralyn turned to give her more information on the ceremony, but Astralyn was no longer there.

Astralyn pushed her way up to the front of the table and began to shout at Sundance. “Sundance! Sundance! It’s Astralyn!” But Sundance was too busy staring at the maidens to pay attention. She rolled her eyes and considered climbing up on the platform. She assumed only the Chosen One and his attendants were allowed up there and she would be torn apart for even daring to approach. The time was not now. She would have to wait for the right moment.

She turned her back to Sundance and pushed her way to the back of the crowd. When she reached the back wall, she surreptitiously pulled her communicator out of her robe.

“Timmy, I found Sundance.”

“Astralyn! Thank God. I was beginning to get worried,” Timmy whispered back. “Is he okay?”

“Yeah, he’s fine.” Astralyn looked up and saw that Sundance was now partaking in a hand fed banana. “I’m going to go collect him and then we’ll be back.”

“Good luck,” Timmy said.

Astralyn turned off the communicator. She stayed in the back and watched the festivities commence. She couldn’t take her eyes off Sundance. He looked so happy being up there and this irritated her. Didn’t he realize what was going to happen to him? Why was he having such a good time?

Thirty minutes passed and the party broke up. Sundance was being led off the stage by the woman in the black robe and her maidens. Astralyn knew that now was the time to act.

She joined the maidens as they placed their robes back on and followed them. They soon arrived at a room with two large metallic doors.

“This is where you will be staying tonight,” the woman in the black robe said. “I hope that you will find your room to be most satisfactory.”

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me, Iphigenia,” Sundance said. It sounded like he had been drinking.

“Not to worry.” Iphigenia caressed his face and gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was everything Astralyn could do to keep from revealing herself and punching both of them. “I will see you in the morning.” She walked away and just as she was about to pass Astralyn, she stopped and said, “Please take extra care of him tonight. He’s our special guest.”

Astralyn, without missing a beat replied, “Yes, mistress,” and bowed. She watched Iphigenia walk away and thought, I sure will.

The maidens opened the doors which gave a low moan as they swung inward. Sundance was escorted inside and Astralyn quickly followed. The room was lit in a lovely sky blue. The walls were covered in sheer white cloth. There was a white fluffy bed in the center of the room. Just before it was a blue couch complete with cushions made of silk. The maidens set him down on the couch.

“Oh, this is nice,” Sundance said, feeling the cushions. “How much do you think it costs for these pillows?”

The maidens giggled but said nothing. They promptly began to massage his arms, his chest, his thighs. Astralyn just stood there, the hood cloaking her irritation.

“You ladies don’t have to do this, you know.” Sundance tried to wave them away, but he didn’t try too hard.

The maiden at his feet slowly took off his boots while the maidens at his head reached down and pulled his uniform over his head. Another maiden retrieved a pitcher full of orange oil and poured it over Sundance’s smooth chest. When the maidens got around to removing his shorts, Astralyn turned around.

“There’s no need to be shy, lady,” Sundance said.

“You could try resisting just a little bit more,” Astralyn said.


She turned around and revealed herself. She averted her eyes and concentrated on Sundance’s face. “Well, aren’t you pleased as punch? Nevermind. We have to get out of here. They’re going to make you into some kind of God and it’s not going to be pretty.”

“I know,” Sundance said, holding his arms at his side. The maidens were quick to oil them. “I keep trying to tell them they don’t need to do that, but Iphigenia insists.”

“On a first name basis are you?” Astralyn walked over to Sundance and tried to pull him from his seat, but he slipped through her hands. “Sundance.”

“Look, I’m being anointed with oil! I’ve never been anointed before.”

“You’re being quite annoying.” Astralyn couldn’t help herself. “Iphigenia is going to kill you if I don’t get you out of here. Timmy is waiting for us.”

“Iphi? She wouldn’t do that,” Sundance countered. “She’s been nothing but nice to me.” He flexed his right arm and the maidens were quick to oil it some more. “She said that they were waiting for me. This is why I’m here.”

“To have scantily clad women ‘anoint’ you?” Astralyn seethed. “Why do I find that hard to believe?”

“I’m sure they have some nice studly men to rub you down if you ask nicely.”

“I’ll pass.” Astralyn felt their time was running short. “We need to get out of here. If you don’t come peacefully, I’ll have to stun you and drag you back to the ship myself.”

Sundance gave a sad look to the maidens and sighed. “Alright. Sorry ladies. She seems really upset. I think I should go.” He stood up and slipped his shorts back on. One of the maidens handed him back his shirt. After he put on his shirt, he and Astralyn opened the doors and left the room.


Iphigenia stood in front of her mirror as it turned black. The waves rippled as the soft voice hissed from between them. “You have Captain Sundance in your possession, correct?”

“Yes, Master,” Iphigenia replied. “He is being made ready for the Ceremony tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” hissed the voice. “Do it tonight!”

Iphigenia looked confused. “But, Master, the ceremony is always…”

“TONIGHT!” The mirror quickly brightened as Iphigenia’s reflection became visible. It was the voice’s final word. She had no choice.

Iphigenia walked out of her room and headed down the hallway to Sundance’s room. When she arrived, she saw that he was no longer there. “Where is he?” she asked the maidens. They pointed to the door. “I want him found now! Tonight he dies!”

To be continued…

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