Perils of S.P.A.C.E Episode 17

Previously on Perils of S.P.A.C.E.: After confronting Doctor Hartnell about the Minos Cube, Sundance, Timmy, and Astralyn are ready to go home and relax, but the StarTango becomes hijacked and taken to the Venga Star System on a crash course with a nearby planet.

Episode 17: Cult of the Obsidian Mask, Part II: Three Hour Tour

The StarTango dove straight into the planet’s atmosphere. The ship began to rock violently back and forth as it continued to plummet towards the surface. The nose of the ship was engulfed in flames, indicating the shields weren’t working at full capacity. 

Astralyn buckled her seat belt and prepared for the worst. Sundance and Timmy continued to try to regain control but the computer rejected their codes. They finally gave up and buckled their seat belts.

The ship passed through the atmosphere in one piece and the fire gave way to clouds. Once they were through the clouds, they could see the surface of the planet. It looked like it was a tropical planet complete with tall, green, leafy trees. The view would have been more breathtaking if there wasn’t the immediate threat of losing all capability of breathing altogether.

The StarTango navigated itself towards a clearing free of trees. As it neared the clearing, it slowed down and leveled off, and then gently touched ground. The engines turned off as if someone had just taken the key out of the ignition. Sundance and Timmy exchanged relieved glances and sighed in unison.

“Well, that went well,” Astralyn said as she unbuckled her seat belt. “Is it ironic the ship’s best landing was accomplished without Sundance at the helm?”

“Har de har har,” Sundance muttered.

Timmy leaned over and kissed the console. “We’re alive!” He hugged it tightly.

“Where are we?” Sundance asked. He unbuckled himself and stood up. He looked out the windshield and saw the jungle in front of them. He scoffed and said, The landscaper needs to be fired.”

“We’re on the third planet of the Venga Star System,” Timmy replied. “It’s always the third planet. Never the fourth.”

Sundance stared at the trees with intense curiosity. Astralyn didn’t like the looks of it.

“Can we take off again?” Astralyn looked to Timmy, who was still hugging his console. He sat up and tried to input the ignition sequence, but the computer stayed dormant. “Shoot.”

“How long do you think it’ll take to fix it?” asked Sundance.

“It depends on how extensive the damage is. It could take an hour, maybe three.” Timmy crawled underneath his console and prepared to give Sundance an answer, but he walked away.

“Perfect.” Sundance stepped away from his seat and headed for the back door of the ship. He checked his hip to make sure his trusty laser pistol was there.

“Where are you going?” Astralyn asked, following him.

“I want to take a look around this place.” The smile on Sundance’s face was akin to a child’s face when told that he was going to an amusement park. “I feel that we were brought here for a reason, I want to know why.”

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Who knows where we are?”

“I do. Third planet in the Venga Star System,” Timmy called out from underneath his console.

“Who knows what’s out there?”

“Trees.” Sundance smirked. “I just want to look around for a bit. I’ll be okay.” He walked over to a small cabinet just to the left of the door and pulled out a yellow box-like gadget. “This is my communicator. Timmy has one, too. I’ll keep in close contact.” Astralyn looked down at Sundance’s short pink shorts and wondered where he was going to put the communicator. “I won’t be gone too long. Timmy, you contact me as soon as you’re done.” Timmy gave him the thumbs up signal. “Astralyn, you stay here with Timmy. I’ll be right back.”

He waved the communicator in Astralyn’s face as he opened the back door. He stepped outside into the humid air and shut the door behind him. 

Astralyn felt in her chest that nothing good was going to come of this venture.


Sundance, excited to be away from the ship, ventured happily into the wilderness. He looked up into the green sky and saw the dark clouds that loomed overhead. He trudged his way through the tall grass and into the jungle. He hacked at the long branches that impeded his progress. For the moment, there was nothing of any real interest to look at. He reported back to Timmy and Astralyn as he promised, then he pressed forward.

After thirty more minutes of traipsing around, he finally stumbled upon a lake. There were several people dressed in white robes assembled there. Now this is interesting, Sundance thought. He crouched down into the grass and watched the people. They seemed to be collecting buckets of water. Okay, maybe not that interesting. A group of three left the lake carrying two buckets of water each. Where are they going? He was intrigued.

As stealthily as he could, he followed them until they reached a large musty, red pyramid structure. A stairway led them to a dark entrance where the water bearers disappeared.

Sundance turned on his communicator and whispered into it. “I found something. There are people living here! I followed them to a strange pyramid temple of some kind.”

“A temple?” Astralyn’s voice said. “What kind of temple?”

Sundance jumped at the sound of her voice and quickly turned the volume down. He waited for a few seconds to make sure no one else was around. “I don’t know. The people were wearing robes. Maybe it’s some kind of monastery.”

“That’s great, Sundance. You should probably get back here,” suggested Astralyn.

Sundance sighed. He knew she was probably right, but his curiosity won out. He turned off the communicator and stuffed it in the back of his shorts. He ducked down when he heard the sound of more people passing by. When they passed him, he stood up and turned to leave. It was then  he noticed two men in white robes standing in his way.

“Hello, gentlemen,” Sundance said. “I was hoping you might be able to…” He didn’t get to finish his sentence. One of the men took out a long tube and blew into it. Sundance felt a sharp sting on his neck. “That was rude.” His body began to tingle and then there was nothing.

To be continued…

Onward to Episode 18!

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