Welcome to InkBlot Serials.Despite the URL, this will not be a video blog. This was the only free option WP allowed me. This blog is going to house my unpublished novels. Every Tuesday, I will post a chapter of whatever novel I’m posting at the time. This is a rough draft, so please feel free to let me know what typos I missed! Comment, subscribe, and help keep me clothed and fed by making a donation at ko-fi.com/cameronblackwell. And if you’d like a print copy of the entire novel once it’s all done, feel free to email me at inkwellcameron@gmail.com. Thank you!

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  • Retail Games Serial Intro

    July 16, 2019 by

    Welcome to InkBlot Serial’s first serial, Retail Games. This was written in 2009. This novel is special to me because it is the first novel I plotted from start to finish so that I could put “The End” on it! Previous to this, I pantsed (wrote by the seat of my pants, making it all… Read more

  • Perils of S.P.A.C.E. Episode 5

    November 19, 2019 by

    Previously on Perils of S.P.A.C.E.: Sundance and Timmy managed to initiate a trade for Astralyn, but Astralyn is not sure how it’s going to work out. Episode 5: The Crystal Eggs, Part V- Mixed Messages Sundance piloted the StarTango toward the Nugget’s open docking bay. Once the ship safely touched down, Sundance and Timmy prepared… Read more

  • Heroes of Lunde, Episode 2

    November 16, 2019 by

    What’s Kraken, Part 2 The Heroes liked to travel by train. The seats were comfortable and gave ample leg room for the tall ones, the drinks were cheap, the scenery was great once they left the kingdom limits, and it beat riding horses. Quil wanted to reserve the VIP area, but since it was a… Read more

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